Culture is beau…

Culture is beautiful, a type of art and makes the world the world as a whole. In my opinion, culture is characteristics of different groups of people or a country itself that share these properties and give them a social identity. This can be seen in music, art, literature, cuisine, religion, style of dressing. On the other hand, culture defines how people behave, act, do things their ‘own’ way and their mentality. Every country has its own culture and defines the country to be unique to others. Shows there is more than one way of doing one simple thing. However, due to globalization, migration culture is not pure and I believe it is changing over time. This is because of globalization and migration, different communities are mixing with each other and are intergrating. So, different groups of people are learning from each other, learning other cultures, learning other ways of doing the same thing and then depending on the person itself, these factors may be incorporated into their own lifes and daily routine, which causes the ‘change’ of culture. There are many cultures in the world and differentiates the countries apart, but in a way culture also brings the people and the world together as a whole.

Linda Cadier- Tutor


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