I was highly anticipating my first Intercommunication in


I was highly anticipating my first Intercommunication in a Global world lecture this week. The name of the course sells itself really! My initial interest in the course seems to be due to its relevance in modern day. I thought to myself- the internet, Facebook, 24 hour news, Globalisation, Britain becoming more and more multicultural; this course is going to benefit me not only in terms of employability (I hope it will be a good feature on my CV!) but also in my development as a conscientious and principalled young adult- something I feel is important to develop as a first year student.

The first seminar outlined the course well and engaged my thinking regarding communication and culture and really inspired me to be able 

‘to communicate with anyone who belongs to a group with whom we are unfamiliar,  [and] understand the complexity of who they are’ Holliday, A., Hyde, M., & Kullman, J. (2010). Intercultural Communication. Abingdon: Routledge. pp.3-4.

As an exercise we identified ourselves by writing a bit about our background, our heritage and how we would personally describe ourselves:

“My name’s Jack. I’m white, I’m British, non-religious and my family originates in England as well as Ireland.”

Others in the class came from completely different backgrounds; some French, Spanish, Polish and African. Just talking to them felt like I was already learning about Intercommunication between cultures!



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