Week 7: Intercultural Competence


Part of being introduced to intercultural tolerance involved watching videos of an interview-like scenario where people had clashed and repelled each other, or the opposite, due to their body language, they way they spoke and ultimately their approach to the interview.

Reflecting on the scenarios in the video, I considered from my own experience the way I speak, listen, my body language and how I may change the way i interact in accordance to who I am speaking with, or the situation I’m in. When involved in intercultural encounters in the classroom or workplace, I feel I approach it in quite a neutral manner. By this I mean I try not to speak in a thick, regional accent or use slang, and I also limit my body language as to make it non-threatnening and open to whom I am speaking to .

By watching these videos I felt I had learnt a great deal about how different cultures and different scenarios have varied norms and guidelines, particularly in a professional environment. This helped me reflect on how in the future I will prepare for an interview, or a similar professional meeting, as well as what is expected of me.

These things include:

How I dress and appear
How I greet and address someone (formal/informal)
My speech and language (professional and neutral rather than colloquial)

This lecture expanded my knowledge of how to communicate with other cultures successfully and efficiently.



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